It’s all Peachy Keen

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Beautiful peach orchard outside John Day, Oregon

Picture this, my supervising producer and I are on a scout in a movie-perfect peach orchard in John Day, Oregon. It is the summer of 2009. It’s Brian and me trying to decide after this hour-long drive if this location will work for a segment we need on our show. Showing up to the site is the only way to know if the location will work and if the owner will say yes to allowing a film crew. We met the owner to get the thumbs up and location release, but the peach smell overtook my brain. When you are away on the road for a long time, you look for adventure. Your producing partner becomes your best friend and “partner in crime.” All I could think about was fresh peaches for the week, and I had to have them. Finally, Brian agrees, and as we go to check out, I panic in slow motion. Unfortunately, I do not have the car keys.

I realized we were out in the middle of nowhere, 3 hours from the car rental location, and I lost the car keys. Brian, who is one of the kindest level-headed mentors and friends in my life, says, “JOLLEY! Let us retrace our steps.” I start trying to get a signal to call Enterprise. As I search all my pockets, thinking I will lose my job, the location owner walks out with a metal detector. I look at the field, and there is no way we will find our keys. He says it happens all the time (HA!). Brian starts to retrace our steps. I am holding back tears to my guilt which my action has now pushed the day. In his calm brother-like voice, Brian says, “Jolley, it’s ok, we will figure it out.” I am saying several silent prayers. If my memory serves me right, Brian found our keys within 30 minutes, and the day was saved.

Check out the stand at the peach orchard location.
There are several film and life lessons learned this day I thought I would share:
1) Always treasure your producing partner on the road. They are your family, and treat them with respect. 2) At the same time, surrounding yourself with the best producers will bring out the best in you. 3) If you mess up, own it, and they will respect you too. 4) Go with your gut instinct (I knew not to stay longer and pick the peaches); listen to the creative minds around you.