Made It In Hollywood & Speaking To Filmmaking Friends

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First day on the job at Paramount

21 years ago, on January 12th, I drove to the Paramount Pictures gate. I was nervous, shaking, but in my soul, I knew I could do the job. But let me back up a little. I grew up in Southern California. I was around filmmaking and the arts in some capacity. I never aspired to be anyone famous in front of the camera. I was always fascinated by what it took to put a TV show or movie together. I had no idea one could make a living and love it every day in Hollywood. Well, an opportunity presented itself to me, and the rest is history. I share my “making it” story with my good friend and film director, Ryan Little, on his podcast, Filmmaking Friends.  

JEANETTE JOLLEY: Producing Reality Television Filmmaking Friends with Ryan Little