Appreciation: A Career of Connection and Impact in the World of Hollywood

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recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone.

“Cheering the crew” into parking after a long road trip in Washington, 2013 on A&E Rodeo Girls

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my journey as a television and commercial producer traversing the globe, it’s the immeasurable value of appreciation. It’s not just about recognizing the good qualities of someone or something; it’s about cherishing the connections we forge and their impact on our lives and careers.

In the early days of my career at Paramount Pictures, I rubbed shoulders with Hollywood legends and the elite, feeling both exhilarated and intimidated by the opportunity’s enormity. I quickly realized that excelling in this industry required more than talent and hard work—it demanded genuine appreciation for the people who made it all possible.

I quickly realized that excelling in this industry required more than talent

I vividly recall my time as a young 20-something coordinator on an HGTV show, where I witnessed our producers going above and beyond to express gratitude. Every shoot day concluded with heartfelt thank-you notes not only to the cast but also to every crew member. Curious, I inquired about this practice, and the response resonated deeply with me: gratitude for the time and talents generously shared by others.

2003 with my early Mentors supporting a cast member’s book launch

Inspired by this ethos, an early mentor encouraged me to integrate appreciation into every aspect of my work. From setting aside personal funds for thank-you gifts to ensuring that our production company acknowledged the contributions of every individual involved, she taught me to prioritize cultivating relationships rather than merely transacting business. And the results were remarkable.

I discovered that Hollywood—or any industry, for that matter—doesn’t have to be a cutthroat arena driven solely by transactions. It can be a place where genuine connections thrive, where bridges are built and strengthened with every expression of gratitude. Whether filming in the bustling streets of New York City or the serene landscapes of rural Kansas, I’ve learned that the relationships we nurture endure long after the cameras stop rolling.

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate them.

To this day, I still use her method with each shoot. These friendships have deepened. From weddings, births, book launches, reunions in the same town, karaoke nights, and even yearly birthday calls, the years of appreciation share a lifetime of memories. And I want everyone to know how much I appreciate them.

2017 Filming interviews and supporting each other with one of the best producers in the business, Guinn

Appreciation is more than just a nicety; it’s the lifeblood of enduring relationships and lasting success. By expressing gratitude, we not only uplift those around us but also elevate ourselves as producers and leaders. It’s a simple yet profound truth: in a world often defined by deadlines and bottom lines, the human connections you make at a location or the film commission or local mayor you meet leave the most indelible mark.

So, as we navigate the complexities of our industry, let’s never underestimate the power of appreciation. Remember that behind every camera lens lies a wealth of untold stories and unspoken gratitude waiting to be shared. And let’s make it our mission, as producers and storytellers, to ensure that appreciation remains at the heart of everything we do.

2013: This is how the producers greeted me at a small airport. I was surprised and humbled. It meant so much to me that they went out of their way to do this.

In the end, the moral of the story is clear: greatness isn’t measured solely by the productions we deliver or the accolades we receive. It’s measured by the depth of our gratitude, the sincerity of our connections, and the stories shared. By embracing the power of appreciation, we can truly leave a legacy worth remembering and still make fantastic, entertaining TV.

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